Siete Bunuelos, Grain Free, Cinnamon Crisps, Mini 5 Oz

Grandma Campos, Aida & Cha Cha Honoring holiday tradition, Circa 1970. For three generations, our family has honored the tradition of making bunuelos each Christmas. As a child, our mother Aida watched as her Grandma ChaCha rolled out the dough, stretched it over her knee, plopped it in the fryer, and topped it with cinnamon and sugar. The result? Crispy bunuelos so good that they'd melt in your mouth! In recent years, we began a new tradition of making grain free bunuelos. It means the world to our family to pass down this tradition to you during our favorite time of the year. Feliz Navidad, The Garza Family. Meet the artist behind this exclusive bunuelos packaging, our friend & Mexican-American painter, Carmen Rangel! Carmen is a multimedia artist and muralist from Austin, Texas, who is known for her bright and lively creations. Her body of work is focused on exploring culture, inclusive representation, and nature. She has spent the last decade creating artwork all over Austin. Her goal is to visually communicate causes and ideas through art and inspire and empower others to tap into their creativity.