Popcorn Indiana Popcorn, Kettlecorn, Smoked Cheddar Cheese

Authentic. All natural. Zero trans fat. Packed fresh daily. Crispy & crunchy. Sweet & creamy. From small places come big dreams. Every mouthful of this amazing popcorn is a little visit to this tiny town, a real place called Popcorn, Indiana (20 miles southwest of Bloomington). The spirit of the farms and wide open spaces is in this bag, embodied in the all-natural ingredients and rich flavor of our lovingly crafted popcorn. So come on out, and stay a while in Popcorn, Indiana. Inspired by the gourmet kitchens of Dale and Thomas Popcorn. Aged cheddar cheese. Specifically selected herbs. The finest corn grown specifically for popping. These and the ingredients of the most delicious, delectable popcorn you've ever had the pleasure to pop in your mouth. Go ahead and take a bite. Enjoy the bouquet as you would a fine wine. After all, wine and cheese make an amazing snack.