Yum Earth Candies, Organic, Halloween, Variety Bag 50 Ea

Since 2007, we’ve been making organic candy with a whole lotta love and simple ingredients you can pronounce. We offer a tasty variety of organic and allergy-friendly candy that is so delicious you will love to share (or keep all to yourself). What’s not to love? FARE. Proud supporter. foodallergy.org. Use of this mark does not constitute an endorsement of the product FARE. FARE’s teal pumpkin project is worldwide movement to create a safer, happier Halloween for all kids. We’re making it easy for you to participate: 1. Cut out the teal pumpkin below. 2. Post in your window or door so everyone will know that you have allergy friendly treats. 3. Beware of repeat trick or treater! We welcome all allergy friendly trick-or-treaters here!