Reed's Ginger, Crystallized 3.5 oz

Tastier and juicer. Craft giber candy. All-natural. No. 1 name in real ginger. Reed's Crystallized Ginger candies are custom made in the South Pacific islands using an age-old process. We harvest the most tender baby ginger and then dice it and steep it in large pots of simmering raw cane syrup. Nothing else is added. Nothing else is needed. After several days, we remove the sticky morsels and give them time to crystallize into stonishingly delicious, flavor-filled delights. Enjoy and share these simple yet spicy. all-natural treats packed with the goodness of real ginger. This package is sold by weight, not volume. Packed as full as practicable by modern automatic equipment, it contains the full net weight indicated. If it does not appear full when opened this because contents have settled during shipping and handing No preservatives.