Michel et Augustin Cookies 1.2 oz

3-story cookie squadruplets ;). Two kooky cookies. Michel: Chocoholic. Augustin: Vanilladdict. Bonjour! We've been perfecting our recipes to the peak of tastiness with our compatriots in France for 10 years ;). Over 150 million cookies have been baked and enjoyed! Now we're ready for a amazing new challenge: to bring our cookies to the homeland of cookies! Two kooky cookies? Augustin is on his way to New York with his luxurious locks, his 5 kids and the fond memory of his beloved blue kangoo (Best car ever!). Michel stayed in France with two potted plants, a bike and the remnants of a full head of hair. Got a recipe and idea? The Banana Farm (We're house-hunting in Brooklyn. Know of any Banana Farms for rent?): +1 (646) 820 0935. Want to keep up with all the excitement at the Banana Farm? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. www.MichelEtAugustin.com. Open house every first Thursday of the month from 7 to 8:30 pm. Product of France.