Lindt Milk Chocolate, Hazelnut 4.4 oz

Milk chocolate with gently roasted hazelnuts. Master Swiss Chocolatier since 1845. Discover the creamy, smooth chocolate of Lindt Classic Recipe. Lindt Classic Recipe has been expertly crafted by the Lindt Master Chocolatiers according to traditional Swiss recipes using only the best tasting chocolate and finest quality ingredients. Classic recipe milk chocolate with hazelnuts. Creamy, smooth milk chocolate with gently roasted hazelnuts. The Lindt difference. Passion for chocolate at every step. Finest Cocoa: Lindt & Sprungli Farming Program. Roasting & grinding. Lindt invention. Best in ingredients. Finishing with perfection from bean to bar. Milk chocolate contains: Cocoa solids: 31% min. Quality guarantee. Try these great flavors milk, white. Lindt sustainability. Manufactured in the USA.