A'cappella Bourbon Caramels, Dark Chocolate 3.25 Oz

A’cappella hits all the right notes. Mmm oooh yumm! One bite and you’ll be singing A’cappella! Remember being a kid in a candy store when chocolate made you sing for joy? For too long, chocolate has gone down the path of one-note flavors and flat innovation. At A’cappella, we let the rhythm of our imagination guide the creation of our confections. Packed with unique ingredients and real chocolate, our ensemble of chocolatiers hand-craft each piece in small batches to compose a sweet harmony of flavors. One bite at a time. A’cappella hits all the right notes! Made with real bourbon, these caramels leave you with notes of toasted oak and buttery toffee. Dipped in rich, dark chocolate and topped with vanilla-infused sea salt, these tasty treats pair well with themselves, so have a second!