Michael Seasons Reduced Fat Potato Chips, Yogurt & Green Onion

Made in 100% peanut oil. The best tasting all natural snacks. No trans fat. All natural. 30% Less fat than regular potato chips (Most other leading brands of potato chips: Total fat 10g. Michael Season's Reduced Fat Potato Chips: Total fat 7g.). No preservatives, no artificial colorings, no artificial flavorings, no hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils, no MSG. So, what's left? Just crispy, crunchy, all natural reduced fat potato chips that give the word delicious a big yes! Our natural potato chips are deliciously different! We choose only select potatoes, cook them in 100% peanut oil, then flavor them to tease your taste buds. A thin, crispy potato chip without that greasy feeling. Our premium chips are free of preservatives, artificial flavorings and MSG ingredients - all you taste are the flavors you love. Made in USA.