Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips, Key Lime Jalapeno 9 oz

All natural tortilla chips. Bold flavor. Made with organic white corn. Made with no genetically engineered ingredients. Garden of Eatin' is well known for a wide variety of organic tortilla chips and great flavors. To satisfy requests for even more exotic offerings, Garden of Eatin' brings you a line of Tortilla Chips with Extra Bold flavor. Chef inspired seasonings take our organic corn tortillas to exciting new culinary levels. Savor the taste sensations of our extra bold Garden of Eatin' Tortillas. Our fearless flavors are sure to satisfy! Garden of Eatin' Key Lime Jalapeno Tortillas capture the essence of fiery jalapeno peppers with the perfect tempering of cool lime on a delicious white corn chip. This bold flavor is for the tortilla lover who expects a little more spice in life. Garden of Eatin' delicious tortilla chips are all natural, contain no trans fat, cholesterol, or hydrogenated oils, are made with organic corn and are kosher certified. We are proud of the care we take in bringing to you this wonderful, better-for-you snack. Organically grown. Great tasting. Garden of Eatin' was founded 35 years ago with the belief that buying crops from organic farmers would be better for your health and for the environment as well. By working with nature, organic farmers replenish rather than deplete the Earth's soil. No pesticides or synthetic fertilizers are used, eliminating their presence in the soil and water, as well as in the foods we eat. A commitment to organic farming means a healthier planet for all of us. We are constantly aware of protecting the soil, the water, biodiversity and worker health. All natural. No preservatives. No hydrogenated oils. No trans fat. Organic ingredients. Kosher certified. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International (QAI). Made in the USA.