Beer Flats Crackers, Porter

Made with beer. The Story of Beer and Bread: Around 4000 BC, in the Fertile Crescent, an innovative Mesopotamian used beer instead of water in a recipe for grain cakes, the precursor to Bread. With beer, the bread tasted better, was lighter, healthier, and more nutritious. Beer and Bread became nutritional sisters, sustaining people and sharing most ingredients. To celebrate that tradition and the rebirth of craft beer making, we created Beer Flats - artisanal flatbread crackers made with craft beer and whole grains. In our Porter you'll enjoy lively complexity, and a sturdy texture. Beer Flats are crackin' good crackers! Beer FIats were created to pair with a good craft beer and cheese but they are versatile and can be served with other foods and even wine! They are super sturdy so you won't end up with crumbs on your beautiful platter. Product of USA.