Michel et Augustin Cookie 1.07 oz

With a pinch of sea salt. Two kooky cookies. 4 cookie squares sittin' in a row. Michel - Chocoholic. Augustin - Vanilladdict. Bonjour! We've been perfecting our recipes to the peak of tastiness with our compatriot in France for 10 years. Over 150 million cookies have been baked and enjoyed! Now we're ready for an amazing new challenge: to bring our cookies to the homeland of cookies! Two kooky cookies? Augustin is now in NYC with his luxurious locks, his 5 kids and the fond memory of his beloved blue kangaroo (best car ever). Michael stayed on France with two potted plants, a bike and the remnants of a full head of hair. Got a recipe or idea? Michel et Augustin The Banana Farm (We're house-hunting in Brooklyn. Know of any Banana Farms for rent?) +1 (646) 820 0935. Want to keep up with all the excitement at the Banana Farm? Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. YouTube. www.MichelEtAugustin.com. Open house every first Thursday of the month from 7 to 8:30 pm. Product of France.