Mi-Del Lemon Snaps 10 oz

Swedish style. 0 g trans fat. Peanut free. Simply mi-delicious. Taste why they're mi-delicious. For over 65 years, we've used the same simple methods to bake our cookies. Why change, when healthy, natural ingredients, let us make such delicious treats? Samuel Midel invented these wholesome cookies because he wanted to make sure his children got real nutrition when they snacked. We're happy to keep the same promise to you - no food additives, no fancy packaging, just simple, old-fashioned delicious. Mi-Del Lemon Snaps are made with organic unbleached wheat flour, canola oil and real lemon flavor. Our cookies are sweetened with organic dehydrated cane sugar, which is less refined than most other sugars and sweeteners. It is milled within 24 hours after the cane is harvested. Using 10 fewer processing steps than refined white sugar, our cane juice is pressed and crystallized to maintain its purity and wholesomeness. Try the wholesome goodness of all our Mi-Del cookies. Graham Crackers, including Whole Wheat Honey Snaps, made with organic ingredients; gluten-free cookies; sandwich cookies. panosbrands.com. midelcookies.com. Product of Canada.