Hu Cookies, Grain Free, Chocolate Chip 2.25 Oz

Growing up, cookies were life, crunchy, chewy. Big. Small. Cream. No cream. We devoured. Then asked for more. But we grew up. Started reading labels. And the cookie options shrank. Now we're back - with some cookie plans of our own. There's a new crop of clean cookies out there. With a growing list of weird ingredients. We take a different approach - an insatiable hunger for the UltraSimple. Because your mouth was made for snacking. Not struggling to pronounce what's in it. - Jordan & Jessica sibling Co-founders. Hu Cookies do not contain Refined/Isolated Starches: The most common refined/isolated starches are potato starch and tapioca starch (Often listed as just tapioca). Instead, Hu cookies contains cassava flour, which is the whole cassava root, dried and ground. While both tapioca and cassava flour come from cassava root, tapioca is a processed ingredient that contains only the starch from the cassava root. Get back to human. No cane/refined sugar. No sugar alcohols. No stevia/erythritol. No gluten/grains. No dairy/palm oil. No lecithin/gums. No refined starch/tapioca.