Milk Bar Milk 2 Pack Compost Cookies 2 ea

Hi. We’re Milk Bar. We're here to turn your favorite treats upside down. Some might say putting potato chips in a cookie is a weird idea, or that cornflakes belong in your cereal bowl, or that you need some kind of reason to eat something sweet. We disagree. Get in here and grab yourself a 2-pack (because one cookie is never enough). Maybe you'll see things our way. We'll never fit into just one box. Cookies that away. This one's got it all. The Compost Cookie takes all the snacks in the pantry and turns them into munchie gold. With all of Milk Bar's key food groups represented-pretzels, potato chips, coffee, oats, graham crackers, chocolate chips, and butterscotch-this one hits the sweet (and salty) spot every time. It's happening. Facebook. Instagram. Twitter. Follow us (at)Milkbarstore. Visit us at to ship award-winning desserts nationwide, or come say hi at one of our stores (we love visitors!). Please recycle me.