Jackson's Honest Potato Chips, Tangy Barbeque 5 oz

Slow cooked with coconut oil. Chips you can eat. Gluten free. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Chips: not actual size, but actual flavor. Why slow cooked? Through Jackson's Honest, our family's mission is to introduce you to the benefits of nutrient-dense snack made with one of mother nature's most noble ingredients: organic coconut oil. As a family, we follow a highly restrictive diet that started as a result of our son Jackson's rare autoimmune disease. On this dietary journey, we have reimagined the snacks we love and love to share. We've made chips we can eat! The way we cook our chips at Jackson's Honest is simple and guided by the nutritional values we hold dear as parents. Although we cook a lot more chips today than we did on our kitchen stovetop, our values and cooking practices remain the same. Our low and slow cooking process locks in flavors while preserving the integrity and health benefits of coconut oil. We hope you enjoy our chips as much as we do. Megan + Scott Reamer. Jackson's Honest founders. Since every potato is unique based on its growing season and region, chip size and colors will vary. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. jacksonhonest.com. Product of Colorado, USA.