Beanitos Bean Chips, White, Sweet Chili And Sour Cream 4.5 Oz

5 g plant based protein per serving. 4 g fiber (Contains 6 g total fat per 1 oz serving) per serving. Certified Gluten Free by the GFCO. Gluten free. Vegetarian. Clinically tested as low glycemic index by GI Labs Inc. Good source of fiber (Contains 6 g total fat per 1 oz serving) all the fiber-without all the toots. Non GMO Project verified. Non GMO. BeanAdvocate. From the farm. Super. Powerful. Beans. It’s Good Bean Balanced: Spoiler Alert: Too much of a good thing isn't that great. We believe everything good in life needs a counter balance. And we've found that sweet spot with this delicious flavor. Not too zesty, not too sweet, not too crunchy, just right. Like how beans regenerate the soil for future crops, and how superfoods can promote good food habits. So snack on good. Balance has finally been restored in the chips aisle. Good for the Planet: made from a sustainable crop; beans return nutrients to the soil. Bean Variety: Great Northern. Bean Origin: Nebraska. Flavor Notes: Sweet onion and chili, cream. Sourced from American farmers. Good for People: no preservatives; antioxidants from polyphenols. Find the good at Born in Austin, TX.