Pop Bitties Chips, Sour Cream & Onion, Air Popped, Ancient Grain 4.5 Oz

Corn free. Plant-based mindful munching! No artificial ingredients. So Why Ancient Grains? Ancient grains are whole grains that have basically remained unchanged for the past several hundred years or more. They tend to be less processed and include more vitamins, minerals, and fiber than more common grains like corn and modern wheat. They are naturally non-GMO and gluten free. Many ancient grains, friendly such as sorghum, thrive without the need for unnecessary pesticides, fertilizers and irrigation, making them a perfect choice for consumers who choose to shop in a more earth friendly way. Here at Mark's Mindful Munchies we believe snacking should be fun, delicious and mindful. Food for thought enjoy! Mark Andrus, Founder - Mark's Mindful Munchies. Eco friendly.