LILY'S Extra Dark Chocolate Style, Gluten Free, Kosher, No Sugar Added No Sugar Added Sweets Bar, 2.8 oz

We turned this bar up when it comes to dark chocolate style treats because if dark is good, what about extra dark? Looking to give you a taste of pure, rich goodness with 70% cacao for an unforgettably decadent dessert. Enjoy a gluten-free treat that is ready for any adventure you wish to take it on. Making s'mores for a family of dark chocolate lovers? Looking for a sophisticated take on movie night snacking? Whatever the case, LILY'S dark and rich extra dark chocolate style confections will provide, pleasing the taste buds of anyone you share with along the way. You may never go back to regular dark once you've indulged in extra dark confections. Add LILY'S extra dark chocolate style bars to your Christmas stockings, Halloween party favors, Valentine's Day gift bags and Easter baskets when you want to be sure you'll get the treat selection just right without a lick of stress. Extra bold and extra rich, this bar wants you to slow down and take your time no matter the season.