Miguels Organic Tortilla Dippers, Everything

Reserva. Gluten-free. No cholesterol. No trans fat. No preservatives. No artificial colors or flavors. USDA organic. Inspired by bagels with all the toppings these chips offer a less than subtle approach to snacking. In our quest to develop tortilla chips that are light and crispy and totally unique, we came up with combinations of organic spices, seeds and vegetables that were so fantastico that we would cook them only for our immediate family. Then we thought, why not share them with our friends! Miguel's Organic Tortilla Dippers were born. Miguel's Organic Everything Tortilla Dippers are hand-crafted using a secret combination of certified organic ingredients including garlic, onion, sesame seeds and parsley in concert with our signature, fine ground organic corn masa to deliver a totally unique flavor experience. Our dippers are gluten-free and, no artificial colors or preservatives have been used. Nothing gets in the way of their great taste and satisfying crunch. Miguel's Organic Everything Tortilla Dippers, with a shape like no other tortilla chip, are perfectly designed for scooping up your favorite salsa, sauce, soft cheese or hummus. Certified organic by: Natural Food Certifiers, Inc. Made in USA.