Kettle Kettle Potato Chips

Mediterranean vacation in a bag. A natural obsession. People's Choice 2006: Voted by many craved by all. All natural potato chips. Never any trans fats. Let's Run Away Together: Every once in awhile, we like to let you choose. You told us to take the feel and flavor of the Mediterranean and paint it across the canvas of our perfect potatoes. To create the flavor alchemy that will take you there, we married Asiago, Romano and goat cheeses with sweet, roasted red peppers. Sometimes all it takes is a chip to indulge your sense of adventure. No Stuff: No trans fats, no MSG, no artificial whatchamacallits. Who needs it when our obsession for potato perfection results in award-winning chips, naturally. Then we use pure, light safflower and sunflower oil for that transcendent crunch without any of the bad stuff. Chips you'll still respect in the morning.