Garden Of Eatin Goe Chips Og Beet & Garlic

All natural tortilla chips. Made with vegetables. Made with organic white corn. All natural tortilla chips. Made with vegetables. Made with organic white corn. Veggies make the chip. Is there anything more beautiful than a perfectly ripe vegetable? With Garden of Eatin' Veggie Chips, we've sought to create an original - a special tortilla chip that serves up the earthy-sweet flavors of your favorite vegetables - in their own naturally rich colors. With great taste and the goodness of natural flavor at the heart of your snack. The intriguing flavor of our Beet Garlic & Veggie Chips can be traces to the sweet and savory beet root. We select the distinctive beet for its robust red color, as much as its naturally good flavor. Roasted with garlic, a mix of lovely vegetables, and our organic white corn masa, this wonderful chip gives you a lift, as it gives you roots. To You from the Garden of Eatin': Nearly 40 years ago, natural foods enthusiast Al Jacobson envisioned a place where naturally exotic ingredients could live together in flavorful harmony - and he named it Garden of Eatin'. To this day, it's easy to be inspired by the unique flavor combinations in a Garden of Eatin' snack. Bursting with nature's highest quality ingredients, they're as hearty as they are boldly original. We use only organic corn, harvested by our sustainable farming partners and carefully shaped into one-of-a-kind chips, which are made daily. It's the slow process that gives a more satisfying crunch. Oh, and if you're wondering why every Garden of Eatin' variety tastes so much more like actual veggies than the others, you can trace that one to our community rules; no preservatives, synthetic fertilizers, or pesticides. We even use only expeller pressed oil and clean, clear water. We know not everyone lives in a Garden like ours, so we bring it to you. Certified organic by Quality Assurance International. Made in the USA.