Eden Kombu Sea Vegetable

Eden® Kombu Sea Vegetable. Wild hand harvested. Eden® Wild Kombu is a wide-leaf, deeper water sea vegetable that grows in Arctic currents bathing Japan's northern Hokkaido Island, the source of the world's best wild kombu. It is always hand harvested and sun-dried. We offer the trimmed, central part of the leaf that is best for providing umami flavor and smooth texture. Highly valued for its flavor enhancing characteristics and unique nutritional value, kombu has been considered a health food for many centuries. Kombu is essential to Dashi, the delicious Japanese noodle broth, but can be added to any soup, soup stock, or stew to bring it to life. Stew vegetables with kombu. Pickle or deep-fry it. Pan or oven roast it, then grind into a powder for a tasty and most nourishing table condiment. Sprinkle it on popcorn as a low-sodium, delicious, rewarding variation. Eden®. Imported from Japan. Over 1,125 free recipes edenfoods.com.