Unique Snacks Pretzels, Extra Dark 11 oz

Unique® "Splits"® Split-Open Pretzel Extra Dark. Since 1921. The original. Nicely burnt darker & bolder. Bubbles - Bursting with tantalizing flavor. Beneath the surface - Hollow pockets create a crispy, flavorful bite. Deep grooves - Packing a serious pretzel crunch. Per 30g serving: 120 Calories. 0g Cholesterol. 0g Trans fat. 0g Saturated fat. More flavor. Fewer ingredients. Smarter baking. Net Wt 11 oz (312 g). The Spannuth family has been baking pretzels for six generations, dating back to the late 1800s. Since then we use only simple ingredients and continued to use a slow-bake process to provide you with the highest quality pretzels possible. During our "Unique" baking process, we let the raw pretzel set to perfection. Then, when ready, the pretzel is placed in the oven where it "splits" open, creating bubbles and crevices that are crunchy and full of flavor. These Extra Dark "Splits" are left in the oven just a bit longer to give a bold, charred taste. With our slow-baked artisan process, each and every Extra Dark "Split" is Unique. No added sugars or malts. No artificial colors or flavors. No trans fat. No preservatives. Vegan. Cholesterol free. All rights reserved. Call 1-888-4-SPLITS (775487). Order online @www.uniquepretzels.com. © Unique Pretzel Bakery, Inc.