Vermont Village Vinegar Shot 1 ea

Raw & Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. With the mother. Sweet. Sour. Steeped in Vermont. Many people take shots of apple cider vinegar to support a healthy lifestyle. Maybe you know someone who does. The thing is, drinking it plain can get a little, well - harsh. We've taken organic apple cider vinegar and crafted our first on-the-go shot that has it all, even the mother. Our raw organic apple cider vinegar has rich flavors from whole foods and is sweetened naturally with honey - strategically developed to bring you a more enjoyable way to get in your daily raw apple cider vinegar shot. Flavorful. Functional. Unique. Sip it - drink it down slow Shoot it - gulp on the go Mix it - craft a tasty ratio. Certified Organic by Vermont Organic Farmers LLC. Organic. Gluten free. Non-GMO. Paleo. Made in the USA.