Lick Your Chops Dog Food, Senior

The healthy pet food. No wheat, rice or corn gluten. Advanced natural nutrition. 100% Wholesome, natural ingredients plus essential vitamins and minerals, preserved naturally, no by-products. Ultra premium, rich natural taste. Natural nutrition for the health & well being of your pet. Maintenance formula for dogs over 7 years of age. Lick Your Chops Senior Formula is a highly palatable natural food developed for dogs over 7 years of age. This Life Stage food contains moderated levels of protein and fat as well as the correct balance of minerals. The levels of vitamins and essential fatty acids are increased to maintain condition. The nutritional value of Lick Your Chops ingredients. Chicken meal, lamb meal, dried egg product: Sources of essential amino acids for development and maintenance of muscles. Brewer's rice, brown rice, rice bran: Sources of complex carbohydrates for energy and fiber for proper digestion. Sunflower oil, chicken fat: Provide increased energy and essential fatty acids for healthy skin and coats. Dried brewer's yeast, vitamins: Provide for proper metabolic and physiologic functions. Minerals: Provide for solid bone and tissue development and maintenance of body functions. Lick Your Chops Senior Dog Food is formulated to meet the nutritional level established by the AAFCO dog food nutrient profile or maintenance. Lick Your Chops foods are made to the highest standards of quality, purity and safety to insure the nutritional well being of your dog. The Keys to your Dog's Health: To realize your dog's potential for health, longevity and overall happiness we recommend regular veterinarian check ups, the highest quality food, plenty of exercise and love. Our Philosophy: Natural excellence. Lick Your Chops was founded with the goal of preventing disease in young and healthy animals and slowing down degeneration in elderly animals through natural nutrition. We do not believe an animal can realize its maximum potential on a diet of low quality, overly processed commercial pet foods heavily preserved with chemicals. That's why Lick Your Chops foods contain natural ingredients plus all the essential vitamins and mineral necessary to provide 100% complete and balanced nutrition for adult maintenance. This is what we call Advanced Natural Nutrition. There are no fillers or artificial colors and flavors in Lick Your Chops foods. Each product is formulated to completely meet the changing nutrient needs of your dog during each of the various stages of its life. The result is pure food, for 100% quality nutrition, food that is so good, you can't help but notice the difference in your pet. Recommended by the professional who care. Many veterinarians, breeders and other professionals dedicated to animal well being look to Lick Your Chops to provide the ultimate in natural pet nutrition. Now your dog can benefit from eating Lick Your Chops, and we are confident that you will be very pleased with the results. Life Stage Formulations: Your dog's nutrient requirements will vary depending on age, activity level and physical condition. Lick Your Chops has been formulated in Life Stages to properly meet the changing nutritional needs of your dog throughout its life. Puppy: Nutrient dense formula for growth of dogs under 1 year of age and during pregnancy. Adult: Nutrient rich formula for maintenance and condition of adult dogs 1-7 years of age. Senior: Nutrient rich formula with moderated levels of protein, fat, phosphorus and sodium for maintenance and condition of dogs over 7 years of age. Lamb Meal, Rice & Egg: Highly digestible maintenance formula for dogs that have an intolerance or allergy to certain ingredients. Product of USA.