Zuke's Power Bones Dog Treats Peanut Butter - 6 oz

Soft & delicious dog treats. Natural energy bites for active dogs with added vitamins & minerals. Wheat, corn & soy free. Made with: nutritious superfood carbs; protein-packed peanut butter; seasonings & wholefoods. Fuel the love. Energized Zuke: Cannon Beach, Oregon. Combining nature's ingredients to help keep your dog going with added vitamins & minerals. Nutritious Superfood Carbs: Power up with nature's energizing carbs - apples, carrots, sweet potatoes, and cherries. Seasonings & Wholefoods: Help maintain a healthy lifestyle with wholefood cherries, nutritious coconut oil and tasty rosemary & turmeric. Protein-Packed Peanut Butter: Support strong muscles and peak performance with the power of pure peanut butter protein. Energize: The perfect blend of nutrients to power up before, sustain during, and replenish after! Energized Zuke: Zuke loves to run more than anything and Power Bones are the perfect treat to help keep him going before, during, and after exercise. Every tasty bite is loaded with protein rich peanut butter, carbohydrate packed superfoods, and nutritious wholefood ingredients. So when the situation calls for extra energy power up with Power Bones every time. Adventures in Life & Love: At Zuke's we believe being healthy goes beyond ingredients. We craft every treat to be amazingly healthy - always have, always will. For us it's about living a life of adventure together - being active, getting outdoors, exploring the world. It's what we love, how we connect and why we believe being healthy includes you, your pet, and playing together every day. So get out and live life's adventure with your dog. It's the Zuke's way. - Zuke & Patrick. Calorie Content (Calculated): 3,772 kcal/kg ME; 20.75 cal/treat ME. Explore: www.zukes.com. Fetch this. Facebook: Facebook.com/ZukesPets. Twitter: Twitter.com/ZukesPets. Zuke's donates a portion of every sale to www.dccfund.org. The Dog & Cat Cancer Fund. Made in the USA.