De Cecco Penne Rigate, No. 41, Slow Dried 1 lb

Cooking time 12 min. Al dente 10 min. Dried for 9 hours certified. For a superior quality pasta. From father to son. The De Cecco family started milling in 1831 at Fara San Martino: a real vocation which in 1886 evolved into an authentic art of pasta-making. A long history of passion that combines only the best wheat and the unique know-how of ancient pasta-making traditions to produce a superior quality pasta. 1. Slow Drying: It was 1889, as recorded in the Treccani Encyclopaedia, when Filippo Giovanni De Cecco invented the first low-temperature slow-drying system. We still use the same method today to best preserve the natural flavor and aroma of wheat and the natural color of our semolina for a superior quality pasta. 2. The Best Durum Wheats: We select the best durum wheats from Italy and the rest of the world in terms of gluten quality, healthiness, protein content and organoleptic characteristics, in order to constantly guarantee, despite the variability of the crops an al dente pasta with an intense taste to savor. 3. Coarse-Grain Semolina: We use only coarse-grain semolina in order to preserve the integrity of the gluten and obtain a pasta which is always al dente. 4. Cold Majella Mountain Water: We make our dough solely with cold water from the Majella mountains, at a temperature of less than 59 degrees F ensuring perfect firmness when cooked. 5. Coarse Texture: We craft our pasta with coarse drawplates to guarantee the ideal porosity to best capture the sauce. The quality of our pasta is certified. Filled at least up to this line. Disclaimer: Product sold by weight, not by volume. EPD: Environmental Product Declaration registration number: S-P-00282.