Montebello Organic Penne Rigate 16 oz

Italian macaroni product. USDA Organic. Certified Organic. Certified Organic by MOFGA. Non GMO Project Verified. Imported from Italy by Stonewall Kitchen. Established 1388. Originally built in 1388, the idyllic Monastery of Montebello has long served as an emblem of agriculture in northern Italy. It stands surrounded by rolling hills and pristine fields, land that has benefited from centuries of natural cultivation. Today, a cooperative of organic family farms continues the tradition, employing sustainable practices to maintain the integrity of both soil and crops. Here is where Montebello pasta begins, with durum wheat that's thoughtfully grown, carefully harvested and gently ground into semolina flour. Pasta, from farm to fork. To achieve pasta perfection, the skilled artisans of Montebello rely on old-world techniques passed down from generation to generation. Working in small batches, they combine freshly milled semolina flour with just a sprinkling of pure water from a neighboring spring. The delicate dough is then shaped through classic bronze dies and left to gradually air-dry, a meticulous process that results in impeccable pasta with a wonderful, porous texture designed to better soak up sauce. Bite for bite, it's as delicious as homemade, delivering Italian excellence to any dish. Enjoy Montebello knowing that it's the finest Italy has to offer. Stonewall Kitchen is proud to be the exclusive importer of Montebello pastas. We search high, low and across the globe to bring you the best brands in specialty foods. Buon Appetito! Food safe. FSC. Mix packaging from responsible sources.