Annie Chun's Noodle Bowl, Pad Thai, Thai Style 8.1 Oz

Crafted with care, our Pad Thai Noodle Bowl boasts a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy sauce and Hokkien noodles that are never fried or dried and are vacuum sealed for freshness. Our savory and sweet sauce is in perfect harmony with our peanuts, garlic, sesame seeds, and tender noodles. Enjoy a dish that is crafted with care - whether you're on-the-go or seeking a quick culinary escape. Immerse yourself in an authentic dish that captures the essence of Asian food culture while relishing in the convenience. With ANNIE CHUN'S Pad Thai Noodle Bowl, you're embarking on a flavor journey that's rooted in tradition and crafted for modern living. Embrace the perfect balance of taste, your search for the ultimate microwavable delight ends here. Explore the other amazing Asian classics like ANNIE CHUN'S Soup Bowls, Ramen Bowls, Organic Seaweed Snacks, and Organic Nori.