Miracle Noodle Plant Based Noodles, Fettuccine Style 7 Oz

5 calories per serving. Keto and Paleo friendly. Certified Vegan. vegan.org. Certified Gluten free. gfco.org. Grain + soy free. Non GMO Project verified. nongmoproject.org. Use as a pasta substitute in any dish dramatically reducing calories. Finally, you can have your pasta and eat it too! It is the ultimate guilt free noodle. Now you know why we call it Miracle Noodle! Our Mission: Enjoy your foods reimagined! At Miracle Noodle, we recognize the power of one's food choices and how eating well contributes to overall health. That's why we created a line of healthy plant based noodles, rice, and ready to eat meals that offer delicious, satisfying meal options without guilt or compromise. Miracle Noodle is a shirataki noodle made from the flour of Konnyaku Imo (Konjac) plant. These noodles made from 97% water and 3% plant fiber are naturally low in calories. This natural fiber makes you feel full while still enjoying the satisfaction of eating noodles! Miracle Noodle products are made from quality, plant based ingredients, and may not be suitable for people with sensitivities to high-fiber foods. Monash University Low Fodmap Certified. miraclenoodle.com. Free cookbook and diet plan for download at miraclenoodle.com. Facebook: Instagram: facebook.com/miraclenoodle. For recipe go to: miraclenoodle.com. Concern Foundation: Funding research - conquering cancer. Produced in Sichuan, PRC.