Uptons Naturals Ch'eesy Bacon Mac, Deluxe 10.05 Oz

Pre-cooked noodles and vegan cheese sauce with bacon seitan. 100% vegan. Good source of protein. Vegan for a reason. Ready in 1 minute. Deluxe Ch'eesy Bacon Mac has never been easier. A real meal made with real food. Bacon mac is one of our favorite comfort foods and it's a mainstay on the menu at our Chicago cafe, Upton's Breakroom. We've decided to share the wealth so that you can enjoy this delicious meal when you can't come in for a visit. We make our signature Cheesy Bacon Mac sauce with real, clean ingredients and pair it with our bacon seitan and cooked noodles. All you need to do is mix, heat, and eat. Vegan for a Reason: At Upton's Naturals, veganism is a way of life, and every meal is an opportunity to show compassion for animals. Thank you for supporting our mission to make delicious vegan foods that anyone can enjoy. uptonsnaturals.com. Follow us (at)uptonsnaturals. Instagram. Facebook. Twitter. Go to uptonsnaturals.com for dozens of recipe ideas. Visit uptonsnaturals.com to find out more. Try all our great vegan products. Seitan, jackfruit, macs, meals & more!!! This package is compostable and made with 100% recycled materials. Product of Thailand.