Annie's Pasta in Tomato & Cheese Sauce, Organic 15 oz

We work with trusted suppliers to source only non-GMO ingredients. Meet Bernie. It's Bernie, Annie's pet Dutch rabbit! So beloved, it seemed fitting to make him our "rabbit of approval." Dear Friend, During the spring, we eagerly prepare for the opening of our farm stand. Our customers and friends look forward to our certified organic varieties of tomatoes, lettuces, cucumbers, and potatoes. Every year we grow a few vegetables that are less familiar. Some people are hesitant to try what they don't recognize or don't know how to prepare, others are excited to sample less common crops such as kohlrabi or golden beets. Vegetables are versatile and the internet provides many answers to the question, "How do I prepare this?" as well as recipe ideas popular with kids and adults. Just type in the name, search and try a new veggie with your family. If you like it, add it to your menu with a side of Annie's! Bye for now, Annie. Made with Goodness! No Artificial Flavors, Synthetic Colors or Preservatives Ingredients Produced Without Antibiotics, Synthetic Hormones or Persistent Pesticides Non BPA Liner+ USDA Organic