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No added oils. A nut above the rest. Let's face it, not all snacks are created equal. At Yumnuts, we believe nuts are nature's perfect snack. Nuts provide protein, smart fats and essential minerals to help us perform at our best. So next time you are surfing through that sea of chips and over-engineered candy bars, listen to the voice in your head that says - you are what you eat, my friend. Then grab Yumnuts, the snack without suspicious ingredients, high sodium or artificial sweeteners. We start with the highest quality cashews and dry-roast them slowly in small batches to create a lighter, crisper, better-for-you nut. Yumnuts are never roasted in oil and we don't smother our cashews in heavy batters. They're just real cashews with a delicate dose of mouth-watering flavors. Can you say yum? The Facts in a Nutshell: no cholesterol; no preservatives; no artificial flavors; no artificial colors; no artificial sweeteners; 0 g trans fat; gluten free. Product of India and/or Brazil.