Daily Crunch Golden Goodness Sprouted Almonds 5 oz

The crunch you crave! Golden Goodness For All! Looking for a savory but clean and healthy snack? Look no further than our Golden Goodness Sprouted Almonds, bursting with flavor and a hint of sea salt and turmeric. This Uniquely Crunchy sprouted nut snack is made with simple ingredients and packed with protein. Get crunching! Diane, Dan & Laurel. Why Sprouted? Our signature sprout-and-dehydrate process results in a Uniquely Crunchy nut snack that is easier to digest and more nutrient dense than traditional raw or roasted nut snacks. You can taste and feel the difference! Soak. Activate. Dehydrate. Uniquely crunchy & hollow inside! Our almonds are steam pasteurized! Soaked & sprouted. Superfood. Bee friendly. We give back. Women own.