Daily Crunch Cacao + Sea Salt Sprouted Almonds 5 oz

Uniquely crunchy! Hint of maca. Soaked and slowly dehydrated for a uniquely crunchy, smart snack! Calling all chocoholics! Satisfy your sweet tooth with our Cacao + Sea Salt sprouted almonds. Lightly dusted with cacao, naturally sweetened with monk fruit, and infused with maca, these Uniquely Crunchy sprouted nut snacks are clean and packed with protein. Our mission is to provide you with high quality, healthier snack options that leave you feeling as good as they taste. Sprout your day right! Get crunching! - Diane, Dan & Laurel. Activate. Soak. Dehydrate. Sprouted? Through a 4 day multi-step process, our almonds are soaked in purified water, activating germination, or sprouting, and then dehydrated. The result: a Uniquely Crunchy nut snack that is easier to digest and more nutrient dense than the traditional roasted nut snack. Our almonds are steam pasteurized. Soaked + sprouted. Superfood. Post-consumer recycled film. Women Owned. Giving Back. We support The Support Network, which advocates for mental health on college campuses. Learn more at: www.thesupportnetwork.org.