Osem Shmurah Matzah, LeMehadrin

Israeli matzah. Total process form the beginning of mixing until end of baking is 18 minutes. All equipment to process and bake these matzahs are prepared according to the most rigid Passover regulations. The flour used in the production of these matzahs has grown in Israel under the strict supervision (as indicated on the package) from harvest to milling to production. Kosher for Passover and all year round. Regular Matzah Mehudar. This day of feast of Matzot, the season of our freedom, a holy assembly, a memorial of the departure from Egypt. Seder Tradition and Reading the Hagadah: The Seder is the traditional, yearly celebration commemorating the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their first experience of freedom. The word Seder means order. During the Seder, the story of Passover is told and symbolic foods are eaten. Indeed, each generation is compelled to tell the story of the Exodus from Egypt to the next by reading from a book called the Hagadah. The word Hagadah means telling, for as it says, therefore even if we were all wise and discerning, all scholars and experts in the Torah, it would still be our duty to retell the story of Exodus; and those who linger over the telling are worthy of praise. The Hagadah forms the basis for families celebrating their Seder, as much as eating matzah, also presents the order of events for the Seder, as well as blessings and songs.