Nora Seaweed Snacks, Original Flavor, Crispy 1.13 Oz

Tao Kae Noi. Did you know? Seaweed is the most nutrient dense vegetable on the planet and one of the world's most sustainable crops: needs no fertilizers, no fresh water and removes C02 from our oceans! Plant based, fully renewable and great taste - yum! Did you know? Our packs provide a great moisture and light barrier for your favorite spices, coffee, rice, you name it - just rinse and reuse! No passport required. Everywhere you turned in Nishiki market you saw people - and food. Yakitori chicken, rice balls, fresh fish, colorful spices, pickled everything. You went dizzy trying to see, smell, and taste it all. You're not in Kyoto anymore, but the light, crispy and flavorful Nora crispy seaweed will take you back and send your tongue spinning. Take a little trip with Nora.