Maine Coast Dulse Flakes

Ready to use sea vegetables. Main Coast sea vegetables. Certified organic - OCIA. USDA organic. Please re-use this bag. Great in salads, snacks, soups, stirfries. About responsible packaging: Certified organic. Dear Dulse Lover, Maine Coast Dulse Flakes provide the same outstanding nutrition and good taste as our whole leaf dulse, and at less cost per ounce. They are milled from selected Dulse which grows in well protected coastal passages, is easier to harvest and gives higher yields. However we cannot guarantee the hand-harvested Dulse used for these flakes is free from pieces of shells or pebbles. Maine Coast Dulse is sustainably harvested, low-temp sun-dried and chopped into flakes following specific organic standards established by OCIA, an International certifier. We also voluntarily test for chemical, heavy metal, petroleum, radioactivity and microbiological contaminants. Ready to use, no soaking, rinsing, cutting or cooking required! Dulse Flakes in Salads: Boost the minerals, trace minerals, and protein of any salad. Flakes are enzyme actives too! Sprinkle on as a garnish after salad is tossed. Toss Dulse flakes with salad materials and they will absorb ambient moisture (1 tbsp./serving). Add to your dressing for a colorful, flavorful accent. Reduces the need for extra salt. Red color darkens as flakes absorb moisture. Sea Salad: Combine Dulse flakes with finely chopped, marinated and/or soaked alaria or kelp and mix into your favorite cold pasta. Dulse Flakes in Soups: Adds unique seafood flavor to any potato, tomato or grain-based soup. Toss in 1 to 2 tbsp. per serving. Cooks immediately and turns a lighter color. Or sprinkle Dulse flakes on top of your soup just before serving to retain its rich, red color. Try some in chowder, minestrone or bouillabaisse. Reduces or eliminates the need for table salt. Dulse Flakes in Stirfries: Complements most veggies. Great with tofu and tempeh and most seafood. Sprinkle in 1 to 2 tbsp. per serving. Cooks immediately and turns a lighter color. Add to any stirfry and reduce normal salt or soy. Or sprinkle Dulse flakes on top just before serving to retain its rich, red color. For recipes, FAQ's, pictures: Certified organic by OCIA.