Annie Chun's Sticky Rice, Black Pearl 6.3 Oz

All natural Asian cuisine. Restaurant style short grain Asian rice. Fresh steamed. 100% whole grain. No preservatives. All natural. Gluten free. 100% Whole grain: 37 g or more per serving. Eat 48 g or more of whole grains daily. Ready in 1 minute. 100% all natural ingredients. No MSG added. Low fat. Vegan. Microwavable. Fresh Steamed Rice: Black Pearl Rice is one of the most exotic of the dark grain rice varieties. Once reserved solely for the emperors of ancient China, this complex, short-grain rice was revered for its taste and nutritional qualities. Today, our Black Pearl Sticky Rice is perfectly cooked in one minute so anyone can enjoy the quality and texture of this uniquely sticky rice anytime, anyplace. Each bowl of our rice is individually steamed for superior taste, texture and finish - without adding oil or salt. There are no compromises or short-cuts - always 100% natural, low-fat, and gluten-free. And, Black Pearl Rice is rich in amino acids and high in vitamins and minerals such as iron, potassium and magnesium. Our rice is wonderfully paired with your favorite stir-fry, entree or even soup. Or just mix it with any of our sauces for a deliciously quick snack. We are constantly seeking out the best possible ingredients for our customers. That's why we have partnered with CJ, one of the world's leading food companies with incredible expertise in rice. Together we bring you restaurant quality Asian sticky rice that's ready in just one minute. Great alone or add meat and vegetables. Product of Korea.