Rebel Green Tree Free 3 Ply Toilet Tissue 4 ea

Non-GMO Project Verified. Make every day a pretty planet party. Go tree free. 4 Super soft mega rolls. Made from sustainable bamboo. 16 inches square per sheet. 200 Sheets per roll. 133 Feet square total area. Panda friendly. Gold standard. Bad habits are disposable. Good habits are renewable. Worldwide, conventional toilet paper requires the use of 27,000 trees per day! Wait, what? Isn't bamboo scratchy? What is toilet tissue made of anyway? Conventional toilet tissue is made from our beloved trees. Our tall, leafy and mature friends are so pretty, but nobody would call them soft! If you really think about it, you are using trees in your bathroom on the toilet tissue holder. Now that would give anyone pause. We sure did! We understand why you might think tissue made from bamboo might be scratchy-but it's not! Bamboo is used to make really cool premium products like super comfy bedsheets, your favorite t-shirts and plush bath towels. Bamboo, our dear friends is both tough and strong but also soft and fluffy. How great is that? Try this product and we're sure you will agree that tissue made from bamboo can be just as soft as the same product made from wood. We know you will appreciate Rebel Green Tree Free products for their soft textures, absorbent natures, and the more gentle effects it has on the planet. Questions? Give us a call at 844-240-9992 or visit our website at Certified B Corporation. Please try our family of eco-friendly Rebel Green Products: Fresh laun-dry detergent, good sport wash, delicates wash, fabulous fabric softener, super deluxe dish soap, luxe hand cream, fresh & clean hand soap, sparkling glass spray, all purpose cleaner, fresh room spray, fresh linen spray and our fruit & veggie clean. BPA free. 100% Tree Free. BPA Free. Completely carbon neutral. So, Rebel green, bamboo? Why? Our mission is to make safer, earth-friendly products that are gentle on the planet and good for you and your family. So when it came to making our new paper products, we couldn't possibly cut down a single tree. We know there is a better way. Trees can actually take 30 years to grow and mature while bamboo can grow 2 ½ feet a day. In 3 to 4 months, bamboo is fully matured and ready to be harvested again! That innocent, beautiful and steadfast tree if cut down, however, will take 10 or more years to replace. Think of all of the benefits we get from trees. They are habitats for various creatures, birds, and insects. They remove carbon dioxide from our air and replenish the oxygen we need to breathe. All of that gone to make toilet tissue when an alternative is right at our fingertips? We say, no more please! Go tree free! your trees may not thank you, but they would if they could. Tell me about the carbon footprint of importing these materials. Gladly! Our product is completely net carbon neutral. Of course, growing and harvesting the bamboo. Turning it into toilet tissue, transporting the tissue, and even disposing of it all create carbon emissions. But we had the folks at a prestigious Ivy League university's graduate environmental studies program calculate all those carbon emissions; Then we went out and bought carbon offsets that more than completely offset all of those carbon emissions. And the carbon offset program we are supporting is really terrific! It provides wonderful health benefits to poor rural families as well as great environmental benefits. For more information on this, you can go to are adorable, are you sure they don't eat the bamboo you are using for this paper? We would be the last ladies on the planet to take a tasty bamboo stalk from the hands of a panda bear. Who would do that after all? Don't fret, there are at least 1500 species of bamboo and the bamboo grass we use has been certified as a species that is not a food source for pandas. A Portion of all sales goes toward reducing carbon emissions and providing clean cookstoves to save lives. Ethically sourced and made in China.