Twist Sponge Cleaning Euro

6.5 inches x 4.5 inches x 0.4 inches (165 mm x 114 mm x 10 mm). Natural, reusable cellulose sponge. Believing in a cleaner world. 100% plant-based (Twist sponges are made exclusively from 100% renewable plant materials). Dye-free. Natural cellulose. Euro Sponge: Look around and you'll find durable, plant-based and dare we say stylish sponges are few and far between. The Euro Sponge from Twist is one of a family of products that performs the balancing act of form and function, cleaning and conservation. Use your Euro Sponge for all household cleaning and wiping needs. Meet Twist: We believe in a clean world. And that means more than sparkling countertops. It means paying attention to what goes into our products (and what happens to them when they're tossed away). Please clean kindly. For Customer Support: 9am-5pm EST: Please call toll free 1-888-318-8521. Made in Mexico.