Twist Cloth Cleaning Euro 2.4 Oz

7.1 inches x 7.9 inches (180 mm x 200 mm). Natural, reusable cellulose sponges. Believing in a cleaner world. Plant based. Dye free. Waste Less: One reusable cloth will outlast 17 rolls of paper towels. Paper towels have a lifespan of approximately one use. Yep, they're one and done. Then it's in the trash, on the curb and off to a landfill somewhere. Wouldn't it be better if a paper towel could be reusable and environmentally friendly? Well it can, if you make it out of sponge. So we did. Meet Twist: We believe in a clean world. And that means more than sparkling countertops. It means paying attention to what goes into products (and what happens to them when they're tossed away). Please clean kindly. Euro Sponge Cloths Are Ideal For: outdoor; bathroom; kitchen; furniture. For Customer Support: 9am-5pm EST: Please call toll free 1-888-318-8521. Made in Mexico.