Biokleen Drain Care 32 Oz

Prevents clogs. Eliminates odors. Gel coating action. Enzymes, live cultures & plant extracts. Tough on dirt, gentler on the earth. Full strength. Family owned and operated. No animal testing or ingredients. The Biokleen Vision: Since 1989, Biokleen's vision of producing natural and effective cleaners continues today with a passion for innovation, dedication to performance and guiding commitment to our planet. Bac-Out Drain Care combines the latest technology of enzymes with live cultures for the ultimate drain care and maintenance. Our unique gel formula coats thoroughly - stays longer than powders or liquids. Contains no phosphate, chlorine, ammonia, petroleum solvents, butyl, glycol ether, SLES, EDTA, DEA., or EPA priority pollutants. No materials listed by ACGIH as hazardous. Proud to reduce our water footprint. Clean since 1983. Proud to support clean energy. Made with 100% renewable energy offsets. Made in the USA.