If You Care Lawn & Leaf Bags, Certified Compostable, 33 Gallon

2 ft 9 in x 3 ft 1/4 in x 0.94 mil. Environment friendly products. No plasticizers & no polyethylene. 33 gallon (fits up to 33-gallon cans). Made with GMO-free potatoes. Certified compostable by the biodegradable products institute. If You Care 100% Certified Compostable Food Waste Bags are made from potato starch from non-GMO starch potatoes, blended with a certified, fully compostable polymer. No plasticizers are added. What Makes Potato Starch Strong? Starch is a mixture of a linear (amylose) and a branched (amylopectin) polymer of glucose. Potato starch has a higher percentage of amylopectin than either corn or wheat starch. The structural integrity of starch is due to amylopectin, so this helps make If You Care Certified Compostable Bags stronger than bags made from corn starch. Any Other Reasons for Potato Starch? The potato starch used to make If You Care Certified Compostable Bags comes from starch potatoes, which are not grown for food but only for starch production. These potatoes are too high in starch to be good for food. Therefore, there is no diversion from food supplies. To produce the same amount of starch from these potatoes as from corn requires 40% less land. These potatoes require no irrigation, and need only normal rainfall. Corn requires much more water. Product Lifecycle: Materials: Potato starch from non-GMO starch potatoes - grown for starch, not for food. Blended with certified fully compostable polymer. No plasticizers. Plasticizers migrate, which deteriorates mechanical properties of bags. We don't use them. Box from 100% recycled board processed chlorine-free (PCF). Environmental Benefits: No plasticizers. No polyethylene. 100% certified compostable. Potato starch from non-GMO potatoes. Potato Starch from potatoes grown for starch only - no diversion from food supplies. Starch from potatoes uses less water than starch from corn. No irrigation necessary, only natural rainfall. 40% less land is used to produce same quantity of starch from potatoes as from corn. Usage: Perfect for lawn, leaf and garden waste. Use for compostable waste. Bags along with waste can be composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities. In communities in which compostable waste is collected, bags can go together with other compostable waste. Disposal: Bags are 100% certified compostable and should be composted in municipal or commercial compost facilities where available. Cardboard box should be recycled. Compostable BPI - US Composting Council. If You Care Certified Compostable Bags meet the requirements of ASTM D6400 and will compost readily and safely in municipal or commercial composting facilities. These do not exist in all areas. Please check to see if such facilities are available in your community. Why use If You Care certified compostable bags? Approximately 80 million tons of waste (US EPA figures) which goes to landfill annually is material which under the right conditions, can be turned into compost, including food scraps, yard trimmings and non-recyclable paper. In a landfill environment, this organic material (food scraps etc.) releases methane gas - a greenhouse gas - contributing to global warming. Diverting food scraps and yard trimmings from landfill to compost facilities - either municipal or commercial in areas where they are available - contributes significantly to preserving our planet and natural resources. If You Care Certified Compostable Bags are made from 100% GMO free potato starch and a fully compostable polymer. These bags are completely polyethylene free and plasticizer free. Product of France.