If You Care Aluminum Foil, 50 Square Feet 1 Ea

Quality with integrity. Excellent food wrap. Protects food from light, oxygen, humidity and bacteria. For oven and freezer use. Aluminum and Food Storage. When used for food storage, aluminum has great food protection qualities. It preserves the nutritional value and the quality of food. It protects food against light oxygen, humidity and bacteria. At the same time, it also preserves taste, aroma, moisture, vitamins and consistency. Product Lifecycle: Choosing Our Materials: Foil: 100% recycled aluminum. Box: Recycled processed chlorine-free (PCF) cardboard. Support Our World: 95% energy savings. Minimum waste. No added chlorine, no toxins. Caring for Your Home: Perfect for barbecue, grill and oven use. Performs equal to traditional foil. Allows consumers to feel good about helping the environment. Those are big promises, but you can't have one without the others, so here's our thinking. We are all intimately connected within our world. Choices we make affect us all, even your choice of aluminum foil. If you care about your choices, so do we. And when we care, we all benefit. If You Care 100% recycled aluminum foil is made from 100% recycled aluminum. When other aluminum foil is produced, it requires high energy. When If You Care 100% recycled aluminum foil is made, it uses only 5% of the energy required for regular aluminum foil. This makes our foil much more environmentally friendly. Aluminum Saves Fuel: Two Ibs. of aluminum goes a long way, yielding more than 300 ft. of household aluminum foil. So, when you use aluminum foil you are using a product that saves an awful lot of transport energy due to its light weight. Recycled Aluminum Foil Benefits the Environment: Recycling 1 lb of aluminum can save up to: 8 lbs bauxite: 4 lbs chemical products; and 14,000 watts of electricity. 1 gallon of fuel makes 11 rolls of virgin foil. 1 gallon of fuel makes 230 rolls of If You Care recycled foil. Where Does Aluminum Come From? Aluminum is available in the earth's crust as the mineral bauxite. Deposits are mostly found in shallow layers. If You Care Aluminum Foil is made from 100% recycled aluminum, requiring no mining or further depletion of natural resources.