Sweet Leaf Monk Fruit Sweetener, Organic, Granular 40 Ea

Sweetened by nature. 0 artificial. A Very Sweet History: Dating back more than 800 years, enlightened Buddhist monks in Southeast Asia discovered the sweetening power of this very unusual, native fruit. The name monk fruit stuck, and today this intense, natural sweetener is considered 300 times sweeter than sugar. Yet, monk fruit extract is zero calories, zero sugar, and even has a zero glycemic index so it will not increase blood sugar levels. Sweeted by Nature: Wisdom Natural Brands, a family-owned and operated company, pioneered stevia, the first zero calorie and natural sweetener for consumers in North America. SweetLeaf Organic Monk Fruit Granular Sweetener continues this heritage for delicious, super-premium, zero-calorie sweeteners. It is the perfect sugar replacement and is now available in a variety of versatile, convenient, and easy-to-use forms: granular, squeezable and liquid drops.