La Baleine Kosher Sea Salt 33.5 Oz

Exclusively imported from our Mediterranean source. Since 1934. Naturally crystallized from the sea. This salt does not supply iodide a necessary nutrient. Did you know? The term Kosher salt is not only just relevant to the Kosher certification. Kosher refers to the size of the salt crystals, which are somewhere between Fine & Coarse grains in size to perform differently on food. Chefs and home cooks alike discovered its everyday benefits. It's easier to sprinkle on food and the crystals don't dissolve as quickly as table salt. Use it in everything from soup to nuts. Or use as a finishing salt to add a nice crunch to dishes. What makes La Baleine Kosher salt so unique is that it is sea salt, unlike other Kosher salts. La Baleine Kosher SEA salt is very pure; it contains no additives, no anti-caking agents or iodine. We Suggest You to Try: Use for boiling pasta. Brining poultry for an extra tender and juicy flavor. Rimming margarita glasses. Marinate to tenderize meat before grilling or barbecuing. Sprinkle over sliced cooked steak just before serving. Sprinkle over fresh ripe tomatoes or vegetables. Delicately season the inside and outside of whole fish, refrigerate for a half hour, then grill. Naturally crystallized by the Mediterranean sun and sea breezes. La Baleine Kosher Salt brings out the natural flavor in foods. 100% Naturally pure.