Diamond Crystal Salt Co Salt Flakes, Kosher 48 Oz

Recommended by chefs. Since 1886. Absolute consistency. Uncommon purity. This salt does not supply iodide, a necessary nutrient. The salt sought by chefs. Our airy, faceted crystals give you precise seasoning control, which is why chefs the world over prefer the pure, clean taste of our distinctly versatile salt flakes. Preparing: Seasoning blends, brining, pickling, and canning. Cooking: From roasting to baking, blanching to braising, searing to grilling. Finishing: From meats to vegetables, cocktails to desserts. The kosher distinction. Our proprietary evaporation process yields crystalline salt flakes of exceptional purity, with a unique texture that can be crumbled between your fingertips. Pioneering American salt makers.