Polenta, a finely ground yellow cornmeal, is a traditional northern Italian meal. Make ever-versatile Colavita Polenta a pantry staple and you will soon come to appreciate its many uses. While recipes vary, Colavita's quick-cook Polenta is typically ready in only five minutes and is delicious served hot and soft as a base for sauce, vegetables, or meat. Soft Polenta can be put in a baking dish to set overnight in the refrigerator. Set Polenta can be cut into strips, squares, or rounds and is delicious when baked, grilled or broiled. Baked Polenta 'fries" taste great with dipping sauces. Top broiled Polenta rounds with juicy fresh tomatoes for an untraditional bruschetta. Set Polenta can even be used as a base for a unique pizza crust. It offers a crumbly texture and delicious cornmeal flavor that adds a slightly savory note to cake and muffins. Polenta cakes have an affinity for herbs like rosemary or citrus flavors. It is gluten free.