Gold Medal Self Rising Flour 5 lb

When to use itSometimes you need a quick fix that never fails: Last-minute biscuits that are still crisp on top and soft in the middle; just-on-time bred bubbled with airy pockets awaiting melted butter and sweet jam. for any time you need to save every extra minute for the finishing touch, our self rising flour has the perfect proportions of salt and leavening agents to mix in the magic. Cups per PoundThere are 3 1/3 cups of flour per pound and about 16 2/3 cups per 5 pound bag. The Gold Medal StandardWhen our founding mill master C.C. Washburn braved the first Miller's International Exhibition in Cincinnati, Ohio, He took home more than the Gold Medal grand prize - he won a shiny new name.So over 135 years ago, we earned the right to be called Gold Medal™. And, we've gone on to become America's #1 selling flour brand.* Every day we work to live up to our legacy.The standards of the mill that made Mill City live on. We blend the heartland's pure hard and soft wheat to make great, consistent flour that bakers count on. Enriched; Bleached; Presifted Over 135 Years of Baking Success Kosher